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This is a page for the NAIST Spoken Dialogue study group, a study group at the NAIST Information Science Department. It is held Thursday at 16:00. If you are interested in joining, please contact Yoshino for more details.

NAIST音声対話勉強会のサイトです。 勉強会は木曜日の16:00の時間に開かれます。興味があれば、吉野までご連絡ください。

Upcoming Meetings / 今後の勉強会

2016 Paper reading

  • This is a draft schedule. If there are any problem with it, please mail to [sugiyama.kyoshiro.sc7(at)].
Date Presenter Contents Slides
10/20 Yoshino Towards End-to-End Learning for Dialog State Tracking and Management using Deep Reinforcement Learning (In Proc SIGDIAL 2016) Slides
10/27 Mizukami A Wizard-of-Oz Study on A Non-Task-Oriented Dialog Systems That Reacts to User Engagement (in Proc. SIGDIAL2016) Slides
11/10 Shinagawa Introduction of LSTM PDF_ja,pptx_ja


11/24 Sugiyama Strategy and Policy Learning for Non-Task-Oriented Conversational System PDF
12/1 Ishikawa Are you convinced? A Wizard of Oz study to test emotional vs. rational persuasion strategies in dialogues PDF
12/8 Sasano Progressive Neural Networks PDF
12/15 O-uchi (Matsumoto lab.)
12/22 Morimoto (Matsumoto lab.)
1/5 Nunu

Previous Meetings / 今までの勉強会

2016 Book Reading

Date Presenter Contents Slides
5/12 Yoshino B-1 音声対話システムの概要 EN JP
5/19 Murase A-2.1~2.3 対話のモデルー基本構造と共通基盤 JP
Osamura.A A-2.4~2.5 プランと背景構造 JP
5/26 Kawano A-3.1~3.3 対話管理 JP
Hosomi A-3.4~3.5 対話の主導権と入出力 JP
6/2 Toyoshima A-5.1 統計的意図理解 JP
Volunteer A-5.2 適応的な対話管理・応答生成 JP
6/9 Yanagita A-5.3~5.4 問題検出と話者交代


Mori A-5.5~5.6 マルチモーダル・HCI JP
6/16 Ishikawa D-1 Background of emotional system EN
Nurul D-2 Review of emotion theories EN
6/23 Mizukami E-1 Background of task oriented dialogue system EN
Tung E-2.1~2.2.3 Reinforcement learning based dialogue management EN
6/30 Shinagawa E-2.2.4~2.2.6 POMDP based dialogue management EN.pptx EN.pdf
Sasano E-2.3 User simulator EN.pdf
7/14 Ido C-1 Background of non-goal oriented spoken dialogue system EN
Sugiyama C-2 Statistical learning of domain-dependent semantic structure EN
 ? Ouchi, Morimoto? C-5 Statistical learning of dialogue model by tracking dialogue state and user focus

Paper Reading

Date Loc. Content Jornal/Conference Presenter Slides
2015/12/9 AHC-Lab Best of both worlds: human-machine collaboration for object annotation CVPR2015 Shinagawa slides,Japanese
2016/2/9 AHC-Lab An Analysis-By-Synthesis Approach to Multisensory Object Shape Perceptio (not open access) NIPS2015 Workshop Sasano slides
2016/2/16 AHC-Lab From Sensory Signals to Modality-Independent Conceptual Representations: A Probabilistic Language of Thought Approach PLoS Computational Biology Sasano slides
2016/2/23 AHC-Lab Don't Grin When You Win: The Social Costs of Positive Emotion Expression in Performance Situations (not open access) Emotion Ishikawa slides
2016/3/1 AHC-Lab Adapting to Multiple Affective States in Spoken Dialogue SIGDIAL Nurul Slides
2016/3/8 AHC-Lab Exploiting knowledge base to generate responses for natural language dialog listening agents SIGDIAL Sugiyama Slides
2016/3/15 AHC-Lab [] SEMDIAL Tung Slides

Book Reading


Englich:Spoken Dialogue Systems, Kristina Jokinen and Michael McTear. Morgan & Claypool.

Date Loc. Content Presenter Slides
2015/5/25 AHC-Lab 対話のモデル, dialogue modeling Ishikawa, Shinagawa Ishikawa,Shinagawa
2015/6/8 AHC-Lab 対話システムの構成と処理の概要, architecture of dialogue system (English chapter: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3) Mizukami, Sugiyama Mizukami,Sugiyama
2015/6/15 AHC-Lab 対話システムの設計と構築, How to construct a dialogue system (English chapter: 1.4, 1.5, 2.4, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 6) Lasguido Lasguido
2015/6/29 AHC-Lab 対話システムの設計と構築(続き), How to construct a dialogue system (continue from previous study) Nurul, Maeda Nurul,Maeda
2015/7/13 AHC-Lab 対話システムの発展技術, Utilities of dialogue system (English chapter: 1.3, 1.6, 5) Sasano,Hiraoka Sasano