Message from Prof. Satoshi Nakamura

We NAIST AHC Lab. is conducting research to be published in top-tier international journals and conferences and is also challenging its implementation for practical use.

However, we have currently no plan to accept new students for the AY 2023 enrollment.

Our lab’s ex-faculty member Prof. Sakriani Sakti moved to JAIST, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and started to accept new students. Please take a look at the JAIST website and consider application to her lab.

Hosting IWSDS2024

Prof. Nakamura will serve as the general chair of the international conference IWSDS2024 in this winter.

Automated social skills trainer

Introduction movie of โ€œAutomated social skills trainer.โ€


Introduction movie of Chronus, Simultaneous Speech Translation System developped in our lab.


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